A post on why to do list creates a pressure that leads to no good.


Those of you that know me will know that I am, in fact, quite contrary, and it will come as no surprise that my spring-cleaning time happens in the autumn.This might explain why I woke up one morning recently with a terrible feeling of pain and humiliation. You see, I am not an entirely bad photographer and I have a nice camera,  yet many of my product shots are horrible. Similarly, I am not bad a writing. I fact, I enjoy writing, I enjoy explaining about the things I draw. I must do, I have enough blogs- and yet my product descriptions can be positively embarrassing.

I point the finger of blame squarely at the to-do list. The aim of a to-do list is to get the items on it done with least effort possible, because it is a well known fact to-do lists are evil, and must be vanquished. Checking off items makes one victorious; lists that run amok are indicative of a massive character flaw. My to-do lists were long; my work hours were short; thus to avoid a massive personal failure I would be taking pictures and writing descriptions way in the night when the lighting was bad and my brain had turned off and gone to a better place. But at least I got things checked off, right?


I have a new business plan.
There is no urgency to list items. It is better to wait for have nice pictures. They will be bright; white and luminous. It is better to take time to write a good description. one that is accurate, characterful and descriptive listings. I have been foolish to pour all my passions into making a print; I'm lucky they have sold so well with so little help. Before I have neglected product listing as a part of the creative process but now I'll leave it for when I have the time and energy to do it right. 

I will do this, and hopefully that will mean I never have to update all fifty product listings in three shops and countless portfolios ever, ever again. Cutting corner did not save time or energy. I can vouch that this overhaul is extremely tedious and time consuming. 

You can see the update store section here. Do let me know of an broken links or spelling mistakes. You know how hopeless I am at HTML and English.

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