Illo space


I try and update my blog on Tuesdays and Fridays because those are my work days and I feel like I should have something productive to show you, but today I have been writing rather than drawing and I am not going to show you that so this illustration task is a blessing. Obviosly this is an old piece (one of the oldest, in fact, the image is derived from two of my very first prints) but I don't seem to have blogged it before (I looked right back through the archives; apologies if I have). It certainly seems very odd as it has been featured on other blogs, but not mine.

Anyway, here is my little hare, contemplating limitless space

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Just as the earth and other elements are serviceable in many waysto the infinite number of beings inhabiting limitless space; so may I become that which maintains all beingssituated throughout space, so long as all have not attained to peace.

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