wim... credit card wallet.


Fuji mini instax film, very cute. Credit card wallet full of them.

Instant? Digital cameras are instant, perfect, there. The image grows quite slowly really. It's fascinating.
Every shot is an adventure. A tiny adventure as my camera randomly blurs, corrupts, vignettes . And at the end I have a tiny photograph. A real tangible object to hold and say 'look at this!'

Film photography fascinates me

It's so much harder to do, that you stop, stop and appreciate and look at things that otherwise would have passed you by, so shots I wouldn't have though twice about trashing become sacred and valuable. Because contained within them is not just the image, but the experience of taking that image.And I look at this and I remember how happy I was that an image, any image, that image was emerging. And how fun it was seeing it appear. More than a picture.

'you know,' a friend confides 'there are some people, not us, but some people..... that don't understand'

Happy may, friends!

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