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I had a day off from redesigning everything yesterday but today I was back at it. Today I fashioned a newsletter group thing, can you see the sign up thing in the sidebar?

I'm not sure it will work but you can try it and I'd be happy. I'm sure I'll only get round to emailing everyone once in a blue moon and it's a googlegroup so you can leave any time you want. You'll get discounts and presents for your efforts in the future*. Also I have a business facebook page thing. You may like it if you are so inclined. Apparently it is vital that one's business has a facebook page, though I am not sure why. I shall be polishing it and adding things to encourage favouritism and loyalty to me on my sidebar forthwith.

I did some other stuff today, and though the to do list seems to be growing as fast as the items get ticked off, I'm hopeful my shops and wholesale site will be stocked up and full of shiny new pictures and words and goodies very soon thanks to my main fuel (illustrated above, in my diary, which I bought in wilkos for 99p)

That damn coffee genie never materialised though.

*if I can get it to work.

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