What a difference a year makes.....


As far as the eye can see, originally uploaded by Champignons.

It was this time last year that I decided I needed a new camera. It was then I decided I wanted to go to places my camera just didn't. I remember taking this photo last year and being so disappointed- by the light, mostly, by the colours.

pumpkin patch

but also the way the pumpkins curve off to the right in the new version.. so much more visually interesting. The plastic no longer looks ugly- it is a reflective surface that adds interest... and the depth of field...the greenery.. especailly the leaves in the middle.. I just did a much better job framing the shot. I love my canon. And I love this picture.

See more of my pumpkin shots here

I have been away for the summer, mostly concentrating on my photography-which I think has paid off- and painting a few Dolls, though I am back in full force designing my new season of screenprints- everything in the business is going very well, thank-you. More soon x

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