Illo fearless


I have been having a stock take this week, and that means clearing out some old prints are arn't really my style any more, since I'm trying to be a bit more cohesive now my prints are generally doing better.

I guess this should be one of them... but I'm not sure I can bare to toss them . It represents a time in my life when things were changing fast and I had to leave my comfy cage I'd created(sticking with the bird metaphor; we all make cages for ourselves, boundaries, it's what minds do) and forge a new path. Which brought both anxiety and freedom. Fearless? not really I suppose but there's a feeling of pushing through the fear here.

Life is very different now and on the whole more wonderful than ever and there are very few bird explosions though I do occasionally have a big clear out to make sure I havn't made myself too comfortable in some other cage. I had a funny anxious day yesterday (I'll blame that on election fever) which felt very odd as I am hardly ever anxious now, so it feels particularly relveaant to be pondering what to do with bird explosions.

I'm working against the clock here as the boy is taking a mysteriously long nap; so this is a bad photo and I will change it later. It's not as bad as the photo in my shop listing, which is horrendous... and could explain poor sales, I suppose.

What should I do? Reduce the price? burn them? give them away to the first 20 replies (ha! Like there would be 20 replies!). I don't know!

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