illo impatience


I was thinking I should have done illustration Friday on the week they did 'lazy', because I could just stick a self portrait up- you can tell I have been lazy recently, and it's not like I blogged all the time before! Sadly I was in Middlesbrough that week. Apparently it is legitimate to spell the towns name as 'Middlesboro' though I believe it has earnt its UGH. and that's all I shall say on the matter.

I had a number of Ideas for impatience. But the kids had to win, not justbecause they have no intention of sitting patiently and waiting for dinner, or at any point on a 6 hours journey to a town ending in URG. Or theway back. But also the hurry they are in to grow up. Why? Being grown up is crap, I don't know if its because I'm old or because I have a baby, but my presents all seem to be kitchen equipment these days*- I have to resort to buying my own Mr potatoheads on vague grounds that they are for my son. Who is far to young for them but will probably come of potato age in a couple of months, the way he's growing. He's already taken control of the LaMaze octotunes I bought myself, and that's bitterly unfair.

Anyway, doodle of a little girl. Will try n take a better pic tomorrow, the scanner has turned evil again.

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