Illo drift


I have been very much neglectful of my blog recently, I think I have a good enough excuse now. I think my excuse might be teething; at least, his gum is a good deal whiter and pointier than every before. Anyway, to cut to the chase I haven't had much time for Illo Friday-ing, despite having some good ideas for some of the challenges. It's a bit sad, so I went into my archives and dug out a few drift like pictures. I came up with this sketch book page:

The photo (of my niece, dressing herself in seaweed like a swap thing) opens out, so I'm rather afraid you can't see the full paragraph detailing why Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen is an idiot for saying 'there are no straight lines in nature' but let it be know there are, and he is an idiot.

The main sketch is comparing the the natural formation of the Needles with Hurst Castle opposite it. It because the basis for this painting. It's always good to return to ones old sketchbooks in times of drought, I find, one of the reasons I consider maintaining a journal is important to me. Lounging by the sea is also important to me- and swimming in it. Luckily certain toothy monsters agree with me on this point. Anyway, that's the sea, if you get my drift.

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