illo resolve


owlfolk , originally uploaded by Champignons.

I normally start the year filled with resolve, but that is mostly because Resolve is a pretty good hangover cure, and, not being able to drink this year, it wasn't really necessary.

The closest I have to a resolution is my determination to learn how to use both photoshop elements (or, elephants, as I prefer) and my new wacom tablet I bought as my christmas treat. I have got a book out of the library. I have suffered through 7 very boring lessons as I attempt to work through it chronologically, and have learnt nothing I really want to because all the good lessons are at the back. Still, I persevere.

This is the best I can do so far- just a sketch for a drawing I intend to do, saves on paper anyhow. I'm sure that the owl is a bird full of resolve, in fact, I saw a barn owl floating about ghost-like in the twilight on the day after I drew this.

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