Illo contained


I'm so happy I got this done in time for illo friday, it nearly killed me. I know it's printed onto a notebook so some of you won't think it is an illo, but I do, and I hand cut the stencils because I can't use diazo at the moment (the birdcage is an existing photostencil) the quote, from Hamlet, is a rubber stamp I love. Don't keep yourself contained; set love free.

Available in my etsy store for Valentines, also available in black.

I think this week has been a record for blogging. So I've run out of things to say. No, actually I would like to say I have occasion to go into Boots pharmacy and every time they have been appallingly rude, unhelpful and incompetent. Not one person, the whole staff. I urge you to support your local pharmacy, or Lloyds, who were very nice to me.

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