Monday, 22 December 2008

illo voices

365 Poor leonard cohen, originally uploaded by Champignons.

well, this is later than usual, and I don't know why because i could have had it up on friday. A combination of laziness, busyness and living in a country that appears to be in perpetual darkness (as you can probably tell from the photo).

I chose this picture because birds have voices, being singers, and so does Leonard Cohen, who wrote the song 'Bird on a Wire' and also, incidentally, Hallelujah, which has apparently been butchered by an X-factor contestant. I couldn't possibly comment on this, as, though I was at a friends house while the X factor final was on, we did force her to turn the sound off as a condition of us staying in the house. I still haven't heard it, though there were some tricky moments shopping today but luckily just the delightful Buckley version.


yumptatious said...

Ohhhh, its nasty with a capital 'NASTY'. Whilst we have Mr Buckley's version in the world, there is no need for any other version. (sorry Mr Cohen...but thank you for writing such an amazing song...)

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Another Leonard Cohen fan salutes you!

Kooky said...

yay for cohen and Buckley! Yah boo sucks to X factor!

david santos said...

Excellent work!!! Have a nice weekend!!!