illo voices


365 Poor leonard cohen, originally uploaded by Champignons.

well, this is later than usual, and I don't know why because i could have had it up on friday. A combination of laziness, busyness and living in a country that appears to be in perpetual darkness (as you can probably tell from the photo).

I chose this picture because birds have voices, being singers, and so does Leonard Cohen, who wrote the song 'Bird on a Wire' and also, incidentally, Hallelujah, which has apparently been butchered by an X-factor contestant. I couldn't possibly comment on this, as, though I was at a friends house while the X factor final was on, we did force her to turn the sound off as a condition of us staying in the house. I still haven't heard it, though there were some tricky moments shopping today but luckily just the delightful Buckley version.

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