365 Ball printing., originally uploaded by Champignons.

Here is a picture of some screenprinting, in action. If you click on it, it will take you to my flickr account, where there are some important notes on the equipment required for printing balls on fabric. It is a ruse to trick you into thinking this is a fun, informative and important blog post. Not gibberish.

I have been neglecting my 14 (alleged) readers terribly in the run up to Christmas. The reason, which is very confusing, is people keep buying things from my shop, and that means that I am very busy. Though I thought I would take the time to stop by and say (in case anyone is reading) that I am very happy and love to read all the lovely comments you leave on my flickr, blog and etsy sales messages even if I don't have time to reply to them. And you are helping us to buy a new(er)car, which is awesome.

The other important thing I had to say is this:
I decided to take time out yesterday to print up a new design for a project bag I had for holding my ball of wools whilst knitting. As the perceptive might see from the photo, I liked to call these bags
'Ball Bags'
and to my everlasting delight, immediately after completing this task, I sold something to a person that lived in a place called COXSACKIE. How wonderful is that? I hope people that live in the aforementioned place don't think badly of me for mentioning this, it's just the level my mind works at. Otherwise I wouldn't have been making ballbags in the first place now, would I?

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