illo sweet


illo sweet, originally uploaded by Champignons.

last month it was all about battenburg- mostly the sweet sweet marzipan. This month it's all aboutchoclit puddin' tho, battenburg makes me feel sick now.

My better half informs me that this cake has regional signficant since lord Mountbatten lives in Romsey, and he changed his name from Battenburg, and it related to the original cake making battenburgs.

As another interesting fact, since I know you are desperate to know, the mini battenburgs do not have the same marzipan (it's not as nice) and they white not YELLOW cake. I asked a friend why and she claimed it must be to do with the 'no artificial flavourings' but then how come it still has the pink, Mr kipling?? hum??

Last fact, my spell checker recognises Mountbatten as a name, but not Battenburg. Maybe it doesn't like Germans?

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