Illo electricity


122/365 celebrated musicians, originally uploaded by Champignons.

I used to know why birds on wires didn't get elecrocuted.. I still would, but I don't really care; pondering about such things is more important than actually knowing the answers.

It's sunny today but I am waiting for my sewing machine to be delivered. I'm not sure if it will, or if I'm meant to collect it (due to ambiguous delivery notes)

And I haven't had a nice shower all week- and I really want to so I am perpetually covered in gallons of suncream I would like to wash off . Ourboiler is broken, so I went swimming- their boiler was broken too. and today the boiler at the swimming pool was fixed, but they had no water pressure, so the showers are a piffling piddle and I declare this week stinky-or-cold-piddling-shower-week.

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