Inside my head...


You know I have opened a new sensible shop with a sensible name to prove how very sensible and sober and business like I am- but all I have proven is I am really not a sensible person. Quite silly, in fact.

First I have the slightly sweary birds eggs, now I have the slightly zombified brain. Mmmmmmmmm it does look delicious though, no?

So this is me yesterday proofing my brains (and some Shakespeare words). I'm thinking that brains look pretty nice in sepia so there will be some super sensible brown brains too. I haven't yet decided what the nature of these brain or what they will be doing/saying yet, so there's plenty of room for it degenerating into sillyness. You know me.

This is the final sneaky peek of the night- some half finished extra large moleskines. These are HUoooooooooGE and they have a brain on the front. What's not to love?

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