Prints, Nevs, gubbins.


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Dear blog readers (if you exist)
You will not be aware that when I am saying I am going to post more than my weekly illo friday entry I am a hideous liar so I shall try and make up for this forthwith.

Firstly, I have been a little ill of late. I have taken it like a man and complained bitterly to anyone who will listen about the near death state I was obviously in. To cheer myself up I bought myself a talking Nev.

Nev is a character from children's telly, but I haven't seen him, not having watched cbeebies since the post-night-out-hangover tellytubbies freakout trip. Anyway, Nev looks vaguely munkie-form and says 10 random phrases, so will more than adequately fill the void when the beloved one goes to germany next week.

Other than that I have been dutifully working though my stack of commission projects and oh, mastering my new printer (much thanks goes to jo of for her bounteous help in this area, especially due to my brains natural tendency to shut down at the mention of DPI ).

So I spent yesterday getting over excited about textured papers, taking photos and updating the prints section of my shop so people could witness their glory. I do hope someone buys one soon or I just might EXPLODE.

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