Another 7 things..


humm. .. tagged again I see. Well this just Isn't on! I don't want to reveal ALL my secret...

1) I once performed an experiment that involved shoving smarties up my nieces nose.
I a controled study, we shovel one blue UK smartie and one blue french smartie up my niece's nose. It was dicorved that french smarties are colour safe, whereas UK smarties turn the snot of small girls blue. I attribute the coloursafeness of french smarties to a harder wax coating to prevent melting accidents in the warmer climate of france.

2) Triops are better than seamunkies. I cannot side with the seamunkies as they are not actually munkies at all and lack all of the charcteristics displayed on the packaging. Also, I dispute the fact that they are INSTANT pets. Triops do not hatch instantly either, but they do grow big enough to eat seamunkies. Obviously this is not a fact about me, but it is an important fact to absorb anyway.

3) After failing to speak any german in my GCSE mock exam, I learnt enough in 3 weeks to get an A. After this I forgot all but a few insults and some inane chatter about my cat in a even shorter period of time. One a trip to switzerland I increased my vocabulary to be able to reply to chat-up lines ( reply to 'Can I buy you a drink?' I can now reply 'no, I want expensive jewellery')

4)I would like the underwater world of triopolis for my triops to live in but no one will ever buy it for me because I am a grown up and should not desire a night club with glow in the dark pebbles for my small crustaceans. BUT I DO.

5)My vision of the world of the future is pretty much a really big version of triopolis. Obiously it wouldn't be full of water and triops, but each city would be covered in a huge biosphere to protect us from the suns rays (which are dangerous in the future) and each city would be connected by a tube which you could get sucked along. And the night clubs would have glow in the dark pebbles, obviously.

6)My hair is very long. I know this, because people tell all the time. Random people come and tell me that I have long hair. Normally I scream and shout 'WTF? It want like that this morning'. If I don't like them I tell them that I can floss my butt with it. I haven't tried, but it gets rid of people at parties (telling them that you do, though I guess actually flossing your butt would get rid of them also, thought as i said, I haven't tried...)

7)I am still crap at finishing things. This has been on draft since my last tagging and I have now been tagged AGAIN, making me feel the whole tagging thing is a bit like painting the forth bridge. ...

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