Things I've been given this week


my munky has arrived
Originally uploaded by TheDevilsWallpaper.
I have been given a pro account at (a lovely gift from my beloved) which pretty much means I've hard wired my brain into flickr now. In about a month I suspect I will be able to download my thoughts directly to my photostream and never have to actually paint again.

Needless to say I am now in my flickr account, blogging away.. in flickr. I feel so clever (unless it all goes horribly wrong, in which case I shall feel stupid. And then angry. And the frustrated....) click on the munkie and it takes you to my flickr

I have also been given this wonderfulsome little fella by seaurchin. He reminds me of a venerable munkie statue I saw at a shrine in vietnam. Thusly I have named him 'munkypala' and shall use him to guard my own shrine (to munkies).

Today I have been listing some flying buttmunkies and minions in my etsy shop (see on the left.. minions)

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