Skeletons in the .. BBQ


Easter has been busy..seeing people..eating eggs. While digging a BBQ pit, my brother Rob unearthed a rather disturbing femur.
Well, we assure him it is a dog chew bone. A cow bone, right?
Well, when he started digging out metatarsals he started getting very upset- after all, cows don't have hands, right?
When we got to the pelvic girdle, we decided to call it a day- a local archaeologist reckons the skeleton is prehistoric, but they still have to call the coroner.

All very fitting for Easter Sunday, no?

Anyhoo, this little print (and the original) is available in my ETSY shop and it to celebrate this strange event (it would happen to me, right?).

Other reasons to celebrate: the arrival of my 'you've found me again' tin (more about that later) and the arrival of my stamps from the ever awesome stampmagick. Joanne's stamps are the best quality (thick rubber, no flaws) so I was pleased to take up the challenge of submitting artwork made with her stamps in exchange for a lovely alphabet set.

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