It's all about me


10 things about me to amuse Sakura who tagged me (lucky you)
1) This is one of the bones that was dug up at the BBQ. Its not really about me, I am just wasting one point before because I promised regular skeletal updates. It's about 2-4 thousand years old, so I guess the fact I have waved such a venerable artefact about in such a disrespectful manner is interesting...
2) I only have wisdom teeth on my bottom jaw. Very odd- I am 50% ignorant.
3) I once, in a state of altered mood, sang the song 'unclefucker' to a dean of Oxford university.
4)I was born blue. So they put me next to a radiator to warm up. I also had a club foot, and I didn't cry.
5)My earliest memory is of having to have my head x-rayed. I was dubious of the whole process so they also had the x ray the head of my stuffed rabbit Bugsy. The X ray of head fluffing has always stayed with me.
6)Despite not having been 18 or under for quite- ok, a very- long time, I got ID'd 4 times last year.
7) I once got on of the most important professors in geochemistry to cheat in a game of cheese hurling so I won.
I was later in integral in getting the heads of Oxford and open universities geochemistry groups singing 'take a chance on me' by ABBA (open was in charge of the cha-cha-chance aspect).
8) I grow Lithops. But only because they amuse me- I call them buttplants because they look like .. bums.. and they amuse me especially when they start to flower because it looks like... well, look at the picture. This is my favorite buttplant I lovingly named 'spotty butt'
9) I'm really bad at finishing things...

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